From The Ground Up: Jerusalem Artichoke

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From the Ground Up is our feature that dishes the dirt on those more unheard-of fruits and vegetables that we don’t want your taste buds to miss out on!

From the ground up is our feature that dishes the dirt on those more unheard of fruit and vegetables that we don’t want your taste buds to miss out on!

Also commonly named as a ‘sunroot’, the Jerusalem artichoke is not actually an artichoke, nor is it from Jerusalem. Instead, it is a variety of sunflower that has a brown and lumpy skin, similar to a ginger root, and is native to Italy where it got its name from the Italian word for sunflower; girasole.

What are they good for? 

Jerusalem artichokes are actually a good source of iron and also potassium and vitamin B1 which supports muscles and nerves in the body. Despite their sweet taste, the vegetable is known to stop any spikes in blood sugar levels too.

What do they taste like?

This brown and lumpy skinned vegetable actually has a white flesh that is described as ‘nutty’ tasting. When raw, it is sweet and crunchy yet when cooked it’s smooth and aromatic.

How do you store, prepare and cook it?

To store: Just like the conditions they’re grown in, Jerusalem artichokes should be stored in a cool dark place. This way they will keep well for up to 10 days!

To prepare: When exposed to air, the flesh of the vegetable will discolour, so when you begin cooking, place it in a bowl of slightly chilled water until you are ready to use. You’ll also find that Jerusalem artichokes are easier to peel once boiled.

To cook: This vegetable is commonly cooked in the same way as potatoes or parsnips thanks to its similar texture. This means it can be cut into chips, mashed, boiled or roasted as well as blended to make soup. 


Although available all year round, Jerusalem artichokes are at their best from November to March.

Our Top Recipe

As mentioned above, this vegetable is the perfect addition to any soup when blended or Sunday dinner when roasted, however when it comes to a delicious summer dish, we certainly recommend creating a salad. Just cut them up into quarters or smaller pieces and then throw in some rocket salad, freshly chopped carrots and nuts or chickpeas too.

Add Jerusalem artichoke to your basket today.

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