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    We was so pleased with the veg box we received. We will definitely be buying all our fruit and veg and salad from M Hughes & son every week when this lock down is lifted and normality resumes

  2. Lindsey

    Ordered 5 combo boxes during the lockdown weeks, fantastic selection of veg/salad/fruit. Good quality and plenty in the boxes. The grapes, red and black, have been amazing, never seen such huge grapes!
    I love the fact you don’t know what you will be getting, makes meal times a lot more interesting.
    I will certainly be continuing with the boxes after lockdown, wish I had know about this well established company years ago!

  3. Donna gardner

    5 various boxes delivered and I couldn’t tell you which I prefer. All amazing quality and such variety. Had a small combo delivered to my parents and they were over the moon. My dad especially loved the essential bundle that was provided. Thankyou

  4. Scot Bingley

    Top quality food,really fresh and tastes amazing! Friendly and efficient drivers. We wouldnt go back to buying supermarket fruit and veg now.

  5. Sandra Jones

    The quality of the fruit and vegetables is so high. We have had a couple of boxes and will certainly be ordering more! The food tastes particularly delicious because of the quality, especially the potatoes. Delivered to the door by a friendly delivery driver. Would highly recommend.

  6. 7moconnor

    Really pleased with my order, such a selection of fruit and veg, plus bread, butter and milk. I also had a yoghurt bock and a berry bundle. Very pleased with the service.

  7. Sue Cannon-Brock

    Lovely berry box. Fruit remained fresh for a week. Very tasty too!

  8. Ema Jones

    So far so good, been very impressed with the quality and quantity of my last order.
    Definitely something I will try to continue, loving the new meat options and extra fruits. Thumbs up local produce is definitely the new norm for a majority of locals now. Thank-you

  9. Philip Mulholland

    Have had vegan box for the last two weeks . Good quality products. Good and varied selection each week, would definitely recommend.

  10. Emma Jones

    After seeing the reviews I purchased fruit and veg boxes throughout lockdown and will continue to do so from now on. My kids loved the beautiful fresh fruit. The veg is so fresh and colourful, it makes you feel really happy when you find a box on your doorstep.

  11. sian.m.davies

    We have had essentials boxes through lockdown. Fantastic produce and brilliant service.

  12. debgale80

    Amazing quality fruit & veg delivered straight to the door! The first time we had an order the grapes were so huge and crunchy they went in the first 10 minutes! All fresh and lasts so much longer than supermarket fruit & veg.

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