Mixed Fruit And Vegetable Box

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£12.00 for 1 day

Colourful mixture of fresh, quality, hand selected fruit and vegetables.

If you purchase this product you will earn 60-107 Points! Worth £0.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 60-107 Points! Worth £0.00!
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  1. jth_5

    I had my first order last week. Beautiful, fresh , tasty fruit… salad… and veg. Carrots that taste of carrot not soap. Enjoyed everything .. thats why I’m ordering again. Thank you so much .

  2. Sue Holroyd

    Very good quality fruit and veg. Delivered when promised

  3. diane_hughes5

    Received my first order last week, quality fruit & veg & value for money. No waste at all everything lasted the week, I won’t buy anywhere else now. Highly recommended thank you

  4. dilysdoyle

    Very very impressed with my first 2 boxes. Beautiful quality fresh fruit and veg delivered promptly. Excellent value for money. Minimal plastic packaging (only blueberries) which is very important to me.
    Highly recommended.

  5. Alison Sendall

    I was really pleased with the quality of the fruit and veg from here. I ordered it for Christmas and there was more than enough, in fact I gave some away to family as there was so much. Will definitely be ordering again

  6. Lisa Moore

    Best way to buy your fruit and veg. Much fresher than supermarkets and hassle free.

  7. Helen

    I love getting my fresh fruit and veg delivered straight to my door!

  8. karenhulme09

    I had 3 boxes on my first order and they were amazing and good value for money delivery spot on

  9. Janet Stewart-ball

    I had my fruit and veg delivered, everything was nice and fresh.I was very pleased with with my purchase,I will be ordering again very soon.

  10. emcus1

    Definitely recommend using this company, the quality of products and the service is excellent!

  11. racheldavies965

    Lovely, fresh fruit and veg with no plastic in sight. This will be my 4th order and can honestly say that I have not been disappointed with anything. The produce has been top quality each time, I will definitely be a regular customer.

  12. saradawn75

    Absolutely fantastic service and lovely fresh fruit and vegetables excellent value for our big family

  13. maryderici

    I had this amazing family box with such a variety of fruit and veg which was very fresh and excellent quality.

  14. patanngat

    Had 2 boxes on my first order which were really good quality produce and have just placed another order

  15. clare.l.pritchard

    Ordered my first box Sunday evening and had my box delivered by the friendly driver Monday morning. Lovely fresh fruit and great value for money. Will be 100% ordering again!

  16. lozmac28

    Wow and very excited. my mixed salad and veg box arrived this morning. There is so much in it and as I live alone I will definitely be getting more than my five a day. I have deliberated over ordering for some time, goodness knows why, I could kick myself for not ordering earlier. Incredible value and delivered to the door what’s not to like. Just wondering about the box though can I return it for future use, thus saving waste ?
    Thank you again for a fantastic service. Looking forward to another surprise next time I order +++

  17. laura_benton32

    Absolutely gorgeous family box. First time in a long time I’ve eaten ripe and sweet raspberries. Weekly order placed!

  18. Ali Hough

    A visual feast for the eyes and tastebuds. Superb hand selected produce delivered to the door. A perfect surprise gift too, my mum says nicer and more thoughtful than a bunch of flowers X

  19. Rosemary Mitchell

    We are in isolation and ordered our first box of mixed fruits and vegetables… We are thrilled… Fantastic quality, variety and quantity… We are going to order a weekly box. We have a neighbourhood WhatsApp group and have shared a photo and details… Great response from everyone. Thank you…..

  20. David

    Had my first delivery yesterday, great selection in the mixed fruit and veg box, will be using again, thanks

  21. Sarah Mayne

    Had my first box yesterday, I ordered a small combo box. The quality of the products was excellent. Service was brilliant and delivered as promised. Will definitely be ordering again. Highly recommended.

  22. Erin Jones

    Received our order of a family box last Monday after only ordering on Saturday evening, so impressed with the quality and quantity. Just ordered our second box

  23. Veronica Morris

    Really beautiful. All nice and clean fresh.and great mix.x

  24. Karen Buckley

    Amazing, prompt service. I ordered a variety box which included a beautiful array of fresh fruit and veg all ordered to my front door. Great price for the amount of goods I received. I’m looking forward to my next order.
    Many Thanks
    Karen Buckley

  25. Lorraine Davies

    Fruit, salad and vegetables were really good fantastic value for the money

  26. Liz Moyle

    Great service and quality.

  27. katherinelewis216

    Fruit and veg like they used to be. Appetising and tasty. On top of that, easy ordering, fantastic presentation and delivery, and very competitive on price. What more could I want? The same again next week please!!

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