Red Seedless Grapes


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Small in size but huge on flavour: a spectacular burst of refreshing juices.

Country of Origin: Portugal 

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Product Review

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

  1. Irene Evans

    I have become disillusioned with the quality of fresh produce that I’ve been buying from the supermarket. I thought I’d give M HUGHES a try and I’m so glad I did. The fruit and vegetables are so fresh and of such great quality. I started with a fruit and vegetable box and a salad box – wow! There was a lot of different things in them, in actual fact too much for just the two of us. It’s a good job the weather has been cold because I was able to store them in the shed and they kept fresh while we ate our way through them. I love being able to buy dirty potatoes because they keep better. It’s great to be able to order in the evening and get your order the next day. I really recommend this greengrocer – I rarely buy fruit or veg from the supermarket any more – and I wish I’d found them sooner.

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