The Family Box

(Enough for a family of 4)

(5 customer reviews)

£25.00 for 1 day

M.Hughes & Sons are challenging you and your family to eat your 5-a-day in our #GetFreshChallenge!

The box contains the following items: 3 kilo potatoes, 1 Kilo Carrots, 1 Kilo parsnips, 1 cauliflower, 1 Swede, 6 Onions, 2 Leeks, 1 Cabbage, 250g Mushrooms, 1 Head Broccoli, 1 Melon, 6 Apples, 6 Pears, 6 Plums, 6 bananas, 1 Bunch Grapes, 6 Easy Peel Citrus, 1 Lettuce, 6 Tomatoes, 1 Cherry Tomatoes, 1 Cucumber, 1 Spring Onions

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Product Review

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

  1. Karen Starr

    The fruit and veg were lovely and fresh the driver was very helpful definitely get more from them

  2. liz baines

    fab products very fresh

  3. Joanne Williams

    Amazing quality and variety, nice to have a surprise at what’s in the boxes. Trying different fruit and veg I sometimes wouldn’t buy

  4. tina.white53

    WOW! I have just received my first order (family box) it says it feed four for a week I think mine might feed us for a month! Excellent quality value and service. Can’t wait to order my next one


    Received my first order today,16-10-2019,I`m 90 years young,hard of hearing plus severely disabled,I left my frontdoor open,for the Driver,he arrived before noon,he came into my house,and said,I`ve brought your order,Mr White,he was very polite.

    I`ll certainly order from them again.

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